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Knife for a sil

Knife for a sil
  • Knife for a sil
  • Knife for a sil
  • Knife for a sil
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Universal and reliable hinged equipment. Thanks to the top and side edges, made of the tempered steel with the hardness of 500HB, the cut turns out very equal that promotes smaller penetration of air and heat into a silo, considerably improving its quality.

Also it is used as a cutting torch of rolls and bales in a film to give forages directly indoors or to load a kormosmesitel, whether it be a juicy forage in packing, hay or straw.

Peaks shod are strong and durable. The closed design of the tool prevents dispersals and losses of silage weight during transportation, especially corn silo.

Opening and closing of the top part of a cutting torch, (jaw), happens at the expense of two hydraulic cylinders which provide necessary cutting of the condensed silo.

Bystry system of connection to special equipment.

The design is made of high-quality metal that provides loading capacity to 2 t.

Volume is 1,8 m ³

Height is 1,1 m

Depth 1,0m

Width is 2,0 m

Weight is 670 kg

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Purpose:For hay, straw, grass
Information is up-to-date: 25.03.2020
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